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Chilled Foods

Organic Cheese

A select range of organic British cheeses from family run organic dairy farms and organic foreign chesses produced by smaller suppliers with good ethical standards.

All of our cheese is suitable for vegetarians, as it contains only vegetable rennet.

Organic Yoghurts, Crème Fraîche & Milk

All our dairy produce comes from family run organic dairy farms that have complete control over the process from raising the animals to packaging the finish product.

Dairy Substitutes

We have a range of very good vegan cheeses in a range of traditional cheese flavours, some of which almost do melt!

  • Tofutti vegan cream cheese - Garlic & herb, Original
  • Isle of Bute Vegan Scheese - ‘Cheddar’, ‘Mozzarella’, ‘Gouda’, ‘Blue Brie’
  • Redwood Cheezly vegan cheese Super melting ‘Mozzarella’, ‘Gouda’, ‘Edam’, White ‘cheddar’, ‘Mozzarella’ slices
  • Alpro Soya yoghurts and Soya desserts
  • Suma organic Soya spread in 500ml and 2kg sizes

Non-Dairy 'Milks'

A variety of substitutes for cows milk for vegans and those with lactose intolerance.

  • Alpro Soya milks - Sweetened, Unsweetened, Fortified Vanilla, Soya Dream
  • Oatly Oat milk
  • Rice Dream Rice milk - original, plus
  • Sojasun Soya shakes - Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate

Meat Substitutes

A diverse range of meat replacements in all the traditional forms, some scarily close to meat taste and texture, others refreshingly different - something for everyone.

  • Paul’s organic Nut roasts
  • Paul’s organic Burgers - Mexican chilli, Wheat & nut, Five grain & nut, Gluten free
  • Paul’s organic Fresh pies, Pasties & Samosas
  • Taifun organic Spelt cutlets
  • Redwood Cheat’in Meat vegan sausages, mince, chicken style pieces
  • Dragonfly beanie burgers, gluten free sausages

Fresh Vegetable Products

  • Taifun Tofu - Plain, Smokey, Basil, Chilli & Tomato, also pizza tofu
  • Delphi Hummus, 3 bean salad, lentil salad
  • UK produced organic Hummus & Bean spouts
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